What is cycling?

What is cycling

Cycling is an intense cardio exercise, a type of group exercise on a stationary bike, which allows you to tone up your muscles and lose weight quickly.

The difference of cycling from other cardiovascular exercises is that it is not just riding a stationary bike at the same pace, but a real race over which there are different surfaces.

This makes cycling not only effective for losing weight, but also an interesting sport.

Cycling is a unique kind of load, it will appeal to even those who do not like regular activities.

Each lesson of cycling is individual and depends on the goal you set for yourself. Loads during each class are also different. Therefore, if you go on cycling for the first time, it is better to choose a low-intensity workout, and in the case of good physical training, you can choose exercises based on your goals: bring muscles into shape or lose weight.




On average, one session takes 45-60 minutes, during which time different muscle groups are worked out and the process of active fat burning starts. During one workout, you can burn about 500 calories, which makes cycling an ideal load for those who want to lose weight .

It is best to engage in cycling 2-3 times a week, alternating it with strength training.

This method of training can help to achieve results in a shorter time, lose weight, tone the body or build muscle.

Advantages over other cardio cycling

  • Suitable for people with any level of training: both for beginners and actively involved in sports.
  • You can choose the intensity of training, depending on their physical fitness. Beginners are encouraged to choose low-intensity workouts, then you can increase the load.
  • Does not load the joints.
  • Unlike other types of loads, cycling is suitable for those who have back problems, because there is almost no load on the classes.
  • Allows fast and energetic training.
  • During the hour of training burns up to 600 kcal. This fat-burning workout is suitable for people who want to not only lose weight, but also have a toned body.
  • It works well not only the legs, but also strengthens the muscles of the whole body.
  • Through the use of equipment, such as dumbbells, work the muscles of the arms, and the intensity of training gives a good load on the muscles of the buttocks.

Who is suitable

Cycling is suitable for anyone who wants to get in shape, lose weight and keep muscles in shape. This is an excellent fat burning training under the guidance of a trainer, which makes it also safe.

Since cycling refers to group classes, it will appeal to those who like to engage in the company.

Due to the lack of load on the knee joints and the spine, people who are contraindicated in other sports may engage in cycling.

What you need to practice

Cycling is one of those sports for which equipment is very important. First of all, you need to choose a comfortable form , it should be clothes made from water-repellent materials. Also, be sure to choose a special bike shorts, they are more comfortable to do. For classes, it is advisable to purchase bicycle gloves so that hands do not slip.

Before the lesson you will be given special shoes with a hard sole, the foot should be in a stable position on the pedal and not slip.


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How to increase the effectiveness of training

To make workouts more productive, you need to follow some rules.

1. Do not eat an hour and a half before training

Starting training on a full stomach is not the best idea, it is better to eat a few hours before class. Then you have enough energy to do the exercises and there will be no discomfort.

2. Drink water during exercise

Training will be more effective if during it to drink water in small sips. It is important to do this not only during training, but also before and after it. Water will help the body to transfer such high loads more easily.

3. Exercise regularly

It is important to follow the training schedule, two or three sessions per week will be enough to keep your body in shape.

4. Do not practice two hours before bedtime.

Cycling refers to intense types of load, so it is better to deal with them during the day. It all depends on your daily mode: you can train in the first and in the second half of the day. But it is better to do it a few hours before bedtime.

5. Work with a coach

If you came to cycling for the first time, be sure to take a coach. He will point out possible errors, help set up the simulator, choose the desired intensity. Also, supervised lessons will help make training more effective.

Result from occupations

First of all, the result will manifest itself in the form of physical endurance. If after the first lesson you felt very tired, then after a month of regular workouts you will notice how you have become physically stronger and you can travel a longer distance.

Cycling is also a great way to relieve stress. During exercise, the brain rests, as intense loads do not allow distractions to other thoughts.

After a workout, strength and vigor are noticeably added.

Of course, the result of the exercises will also be a toned and slim body: regular cycling sessions will help you to find the desired silhouette. Especially well in training are worked out areas of the press, arms and legs.


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If you have been looking for an intense load on all muscle groups, which not only helps to spend the maximum number of calories in a short time, but also get a charge of vigor and good mood, then cycling will be the perfect solution!