Little secrets for men, how to gain great weight

how to gain great weight
The problem of underweight for men is sometimes just as acute as overweight for women. It is especially important to have a large muscle mass to boys in 17-30 years, when the body is actively growing. After all, no one wants to seem thin, all men in this period are trying to build muscle and form a beautiful manly figure.

And if some people manage to do it at home quickly, literally a week after adjusting the diet, then for the rest it becomes a real problem, the solution of which is not so simple. So how to gain weight to a thin guy? How can this be done quickly and without harm to health?



Determine your optimal weight

Before you change your life, diet and physical strength, you need to determine exactly how much your current weight is far from ideal. First, calculate the rate for your growth. For example, for a guy in 17 years with an increase of 170 centimeters, the normal weight is 70 kilograms.

According to the formula “Growth (cm) – 100”, the average weight is determined for male people who do not suffer from chronic diseases that can affect the change in body weight.

Now compare the obtained figure with the fact and with the weight that you are trying to type. On how much greater the difference between them, will depend on the program, which must be followed for weight gain.

If you need to gain just a few kilograms, you can do this literally for a week at home. If the difference is 10 kilograms or more, the approach should be more serious, and the process of achieving the desired result will be longer.


gain weight to a guy


Diet that promotes weight gain

To change the weight in any way, first of all you need to change your habitual diet.

For mass gain, it is recommended to increase your usual portions of food in half, eat lots of carbohydrates and high-quality proteins, eliminate “empty” carbohydrates and minimize fat consumption.

It is easy to focus on the calorie content of food when making your menu. For example, if in 17 years the recommended daily calorie rate is 3000 units, then for weight gain you need to increase it to 4000-5000 kcal.

It is necessary to adhere to such rules of nutrition:

  1. Eat 3-4 times a day. If you are engaged in the gym, be sure to take food for 20-40 minutes before training and eat something immediately after it ends.
  2. Breakfast should be as high as possible, do not tighten it and eat it almost immediately after waking up.
  3. Make small snacks between meals. But do not eat “dead” food, which is so popular in 17-20 years: chips, crackers, snacks, fast food. Ideally, if it is something very high-calorie and useful, for example, dried fruits, nuts, honey, fat cottage cheese with jam. This food is quickly and easily digested.
  4. Eat the most simple food, give up complex and multicomponent—Ö dishes. The simpler the food, the less energy the body takes to assimilate it, and the more it goes to the construction of tissues and muscles.
  5. Eat homemade dishes. Such products are better absorbed, contain more essential vitamins and minerals.
  6. Once a week you can afford something from the “forbidden” list. For example, eat a lot of sweet or ice cream at night.
  7. To increase appetite, take biologically active food supplements. Ideal means are brewer’s yeast: they contain an increased amount of amino acids and vitamins, increase appetite, promote weight gain.
  8. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue, without them your muscles will never increase in volume. Therefore, make sure that protein foods are present in the daily diet. For example, in boys aged 17-20 years, leading a moderately active lifestyle, the protein rate is about 100 grams. If your goal is weight gain, add to this figure another 50-70 grams.

How exercise helps to recover

When a person quickly recovers, it is not always possible to correct the diet with a uniform and proportional increase in body fat. In some, due to genetic specificity, the set of mass can occur due to an increase in the subcutaneous fat layer or the mass of internal fat. As a result, instead of muscles you can get an ugly figure and health problems.

exercises for gaining weight
To avoid this, it is recommended to engage in the gym. There are a number of exercises, which, together with adjusting the diet provide an excellent result!

Remember the basic rule: aerobic loads contribute to the burning of fat, and power – to a set of muscle mass. Therefore, even if your goal is to gain weight quickly, you need to combine both types of these loads in a ratio of 1 to 5: you can, for example, 10 minutes run as a warm-up before the main workout, then 50 minutes to perform exercises to increase muscle volume.

You can do it both at home and in the gym. The main thing is to observe the regularity of classes! The number of training sessions should not be less than 3-4 times a week.

Exercises for gaining weight

Strength training is recognized as very effective for weight gain. For one lesson, it is necessary to load 2-3 groups of muscles purposefully, to select sets of exercises so that each muscle rests at least 1-2 days between training sessions.

The most simple and effective exercises in order to quickly gain weight to a man in 17-30 years, are the following:

  1. Press the barbells or dumbbells. You can perform in the supine position on the back or sitting at a slight inclination.
  2. Pumping biceps dumbbells very large weight.
  3. Dumbbell cultivation, lying on a horizontal bench or on a bench under a slope to the floor.
  4. Pulling up and rolling on a horizontal bar with a wide grip of hands.
  5. Squats with a barbell of great weight. They need to be performed under the supervision of the coach not more than 2 times a week, since this exercise loads the muscles of the legs and the deltoid muscles of the back very much. In addition, it is quite traumatic for the knees when the technique is violated.
  6. Deadlift. You can do with the barbell, and with very heavy dumbbells. Recommended for people over 17 years.
  7. Pushing the bar over your head from the chest or Arnold’s bench.
  8. Pushups. Do with knees with a wide and narrow setting of hands.
  9. Exercises on the press with extra weight.
  10. Foot press. It is performed on a special simulator lying on the back by pushing up a large weight with your feet.

Each of these exercises can be performed no more than 3 times a week, a break must be at least 1 day.

As you can see, it is not always possible to work out the muscles at home very well, since only dumbbells or a bar of the same weight will be ineffective.


gain weight to a guy at home


Food and sports – how to combine correctly

If you are engaged in strength training for a set of muscle mass, then you need to slightly adjust—Ć the food intake described above.

In particular, you can use special biologically active food additives: 20-30 minutes before the start of training to take carbohydrate gains or creatine, and immediately after it – whey protein. These complexes are rich in high-quality proteins and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

They improve endurance and strength during training, actively restore injured muscles and promote their growth after it. Pay attention only that people under 17 years of age need to be consultedwith a nutritionist before taking them. He will be able to choose the right dosage and composition of supplements, which will help to quickly recover.


The information published on this website is a reference. Before using it in practice, always consult a doctor.