How to run and run on the treadmill correctly

Run on the treadmill correctly


The treadmill is an indispensable attribute of the gym, because running is one of the most effective physical exertions that strengthen the heart, muscles and the whole body. Sometimes the way of life, climatic and weather conditions do not allow many of us to enjoy running in nature, and then the racetracks become a worthy and comfortable substitute for running on the street. However, it is necessary to remember the rules of safety and advice, which will help to bring the body into a tonus and achieve the most effective result from the lessons.

Purchasing a simulator

Some of us prefer to do sports at home in our free time and at home. The treadmill is a popular home exercise machine, but before buying it is necessary to decide what kind to buy.

Treadmills are divided into electrical and mechanical, and the second in turn are divided into ordinary and magnetic.

  1. The mechanical path is the simplest and most affordable type. It does not depend on electricity, because it is the person on it that sets the rhythm of the movement. Therefore, if the runner is tired and slowed down, then the track will also move more slowly. Often, mechanical tracks have only one additional function – the ability to adjust the angle of the blade.
  2. The magnetic track uses a magnet as a braking element, which makes running more smooth, while classes are comfortable.
  3. The electric path is the most functional and expensive simulator. It is equipped with a mini-computer that calculates burned calories, and also displays the pulse, temperature and other indicators. Electric paths are professional and amateur. Professional are the most expensive and used in gyms, and their speed can reach 40 km / h.

In fact, buying a treadmill is not always the best option. Many believe that buying a simulator will be a good motivation for the beginning of intensive training, but after some time the routine run is annoying, the enthusiasm disappears, and the trainer turns into a “clothes hanger”. That’s why it’s more preferable to go to the gym, where besides the treadmill there is a large number of other simulators. A personal trainer will help you to work out the right strategy for pursuing your goals and achieve your goal, be it bringing the figure in order or increasing muscle mass.


run on the treadmill


Elementary rules for beginners

Turning on and off different treadmills differ from each other, but the general principle of operation is practically the same.

  1. It must be remembered that before pressing the “Start” or “Start” button you should determine the speed and the angle of incidence: the larger it is, the more effort is required to run, as if you are running uphill.
  2. The track cloth starts to move immediately after pressing the “Start” button. This means that you can not be on the simulator itself during the turn-on, otherwise it will get a lot of work, and you risk not keeping your balance. During start-up, it is necessary that the legs are on the sides. To leave the track follows after a complete stop of the simulator.
  3. Do not forget about the safety key, especially for beginners who may experience slight dizziness during their first classes on the track. The safety key should be used in order not to get injured. The socket for the key is located on the console of the simulator, and the rope stretches to the athlete’s clothing and is fixed on it. Some athletes do not see fitness or gym the need to use this device, but in vain. In case of an emergency, a human reaction may not always work. For example, you may get dizzy or lose coordination, as a result of which the rope will move, which will give the signal to the console, the track will stop and will insure you from an accident.
  4. Speed ​​during classes is not a determining factor. Much more important is the pulse, the upper threshold of which will correspond to the formula “220 minus your age.” During training, the pulse should be 70-75% of the number of your upper threshold. For example, if you are 28 years old, then we think:
    1. 220 – 28 = 192
    2. 192 x 0.7 = 134

    It turns out that the pulse can reach 134 beats per minute.

  5. If you need to change the settings during the run, you must first stop the track, as changing parameters during running is highly undesirable.
  6. The changes should not be too striking: the angle of inclination should be changed gradually, like speed, because a sharp transition from slow walking to running will not bring the desired effect and lead to rapid fatigue.


treadmills in the gym


How does the training on the treadmill

  • Begin the session with a walk, this warm-up should last about 7 minutes.
  • After that, 10 minutes should gradually increase the speed in order to run in the next 5-10 minutes with the maximum possible load for you.
  • When tired, do not advise to stop the occupation, you can go to walking, and then go back to the run.
  • The lesson should end in a light jogging or moderate walking, the duration of which can be 5 minutes.

Is it possible to run on the path to a full stomach

Nutrition before exercise also plays a big role. In no event can you drink coffee before classes on the treadmill, because this is an extra burden on the cardiovascular system. It is necessary to monitor the intake of carbohydrates. On an empty stomach, you should not run on the path. You can eat some oatmeal or other slow carbohydrates before training.

While running on the simulator it is necessary to drink bottles for almost all treadmills. It will also be superfluous to take a towel so that the sweat does not hit the eyes. However, to take advantage of a bottle or a towel, it is necessary to reduce speed: to risk health it is not necessary.

Running is life

Some people believe that walking on the walkway is enough to lose weight. Others hold the opinion that walking is effective for beginners, but gradually they should move on to active running. Each person is individual, and before starting the classes, you need to consult a doctor, especially if you are observed by a cardiologist and you have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Three trainings per week will be enough to get you in shape: daily intensive training will not allow the body to regain strength. Also it is necessary to remember that on this simulator it is necessary to run in sneakers, and not in socks or barefoot. Running in sneakers will help avoid ankle injury. When running, do not rely on the rail, because in this way you shift the center of gravity and quickly get tired. The hands must move: thanks to their movement, calories are also burned.


jogging track


For lessons to bring pleasure, you can listen to music, educational podcasts or watch movies while running.

Running on the track should last about 30 minutes, and beginners have a quarter of an hour. Exercise for more than an hour is not worth it, since it gives an extra burden to the joints and spine.

The jogging track allows you to simulate a normal run, and the effectiveness of classes can be no less than that of “street racing”. The main thing is not to forget that the treadmill is a simulator that requires careful study of the device itself and the understanding and implementation of the attached recommendations before use.