How to lose weight in the shoulders

How to lose weight in the shoulders

How to lose weight arms and shoulders

Full hands and shoulders a few centuries ago were a symbol of femininity and health – many artists of the 17-18th centuries perpetuated on their canvases of rather burdensome women. They saw true feminine beauty in magnificent hips, hanging belly, double chins and full hands, but the fashion for completeness has long since passed – today everyone wants to be thin and fit: this is an indicator of health, activity, beauty and prosperity.

How to lose weight in the shoulders and arms?

Our body is a single whole, it can not lose weight in one place, if it is necessary to lose weight, it means losing weight everywhere. For total weight loss, you can advise only one way – diet. There are no alternatives – if you eat wrongly, instead of vegetables and fruits, dairy products and lean fish, eat chocolate bars, fried potatoes, pizza and smoked sausage, squeezed it all with cola, you will not lose weight ever. Changing the diet is the first step to how to lose weight in the shoulders and arms. But only a diet is not enough to make your hands become beautiful – after losing weight, stretched muscles and the skin will drop. And to ensure that the muscles of the arms are tight and pumped up, you need to regularly perform physical exercises.

Exercises for slimming hands and shoulders: warm-up

Start each workout with a warm-up. These are joint exercises and aerobic exercise. By the way, aerobic (or cardio) exercises – this is one of the best ways how to quickly lose weight in the shoulders, hands, and throughout the body. They accelerate metabolism and activate the fat burning processes in the body – and this continues for a couple of hours after the workout (so do not eat anything for 2 hours after the session – this will help you how to lose weight quickly in the shoulders and other places).

The best aerobic exercise for slimming your arms and shoulders is running, jumping rope, rowing machine, aerobics, jumping with claps above your head, swimming. After cardio exercises, perform an articular warm-up – the rotation in the shoulders, elbows, hands, shoulder lifts, raising hands and other various movements of the hands, warming muscles and joints.


lose weight in the shoulders


All this should take you 25-30 minutes. Then, for 30 minutes, perform weight loss exercises for the shoulders and hands, and at the end of the workout, do stretching exercises.

Complex exercises for losing weight shoulders and hands

When performing exercises aimed at how to lose weight in the shoulders and arms, there may be an overexertion in the lumbar region. To avoid this, during the workout strain the press and gluteal muscles – they will keep the “shape” and protect your spine and lower back. Pay attention to the breath: the exhalation should always be sharp, through the mouth and have to force, inhale through the nose, deep, belly.

1. Body turns. Stand up straight, put your hands on your waist. Turn the body to the left, simultaneously spread your arms in different directions. Return to the starting position. Turn to the right. Make 20 turns in each direction.

2. Push ups. This is a fairly large block of exercises for slimming the shoulders and hands and working out the muscles of the hands, shoulders, chest and back. Each type of push-ups trains different muscle groups. You can list the most effective push-ups, aimed at how to lose weight in the shoulders:

  • classical push-ups from the floor (or from the knees) with a wide grip with the elbow extension to the sides;
  • push-ups with a narrow grip with retraction of the elbows back (mainly directed to the triceps);
  • push-ups from the wall or from the stool;
  • push-ups with the fixation of the legs on the bench (or on the fitball);
  • push-ups from the bench in the sitting position on the back to the bench.

Perform 3 sets of 15 times each type of push-ups.

3. Stand upright, take your hands behind your back, take a folded rope or towel in your hands, you can also use an ordinary rope and pull it. Raise your hands behind your back as high as possible. This effective exercise helps in how quickly to lose weight in the shoulders – it literally breaks the fat folds on the shoulders near the axillae. Do 3 sets of 20 times.

How to lose weight fast in the shoulders: exercises with dumbbells

Instead of dumbbells, you can use plastic bottles with water, but dumbbells are certainly more convenient.

This block of exercises for losing weight shoulders and hands is performed standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells in hands.

  1. First, lift the dumbbells straight up to the parallel with the floor on elongated arms, without bending the elbows.
  2. Then lift the dumbbells in the same way, but through the side.
  3. Pull your arms out with dumbbells forward in front of you at shoulder level and perform hand dilutions to the sides, without lowering your arms and lifting your shoulders.
  4. Holding dumbbells in the hands below, raise and lower the shoulders, and also take them back and forth.
  5. Raise your hands up, do bending of hands with dumbbells behind the back of your head (French press).
  6. Hand with dumbbells spread apart at shoulder level and bend your elbows, pulling dumbbells to your shoulders.


exercises with dumbbells


A few more exercises aimed at how to lose weight in the shoulders and arms, are carried out from a position lying on a back on a floor or on a bench.

  • Raise your hands with dumbbells above yourself above the chest. Raise your hands to the sides and bring them back.
  • Perform a press of dumbbells in front of you – lift your arms straight up and down.

Now stand up, legs are shoulder-width apart, the body is tilted forward, the back is straight, looking down.

  • Hands with dumbbells pull forward and start sharp movements with your hands up.
  • From the same initial position, another exercise is carried out, aimed at how to lose weight arms and shoulders. Hands with dumbbells spread apart parallel to the floor. Reducing and spreading arms – perform movements smoothly, not with jerks, feeling the tension in the muscles.

The next exercise solves simultaneously and such task as losing weight in the shoulders, and the task of power working on the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Take dumbbells, stand upright, legs shoulder-width apart, one leg in front, the other behind. Begin to carry out boxing movements with your hands and dumbbells.

All these exercises are aimed at how to lose weight in the shoulders, arms, back and work out the muscles of these areas. Do 3 sets of 15 reps of each block of exercise.