Exercises to develop endurance

Exercises to develop endurance

“This man is hardy, you can be with him in reconnaissance. And he does not. ” Have you heard anything like that? But what does it mean? Usually, endurance means the ability to work and resist the fatigue that occurs during the performance of work. Someone has a lot of energy and strength from nature, someone has to work on it. So, there are certain rules and exercises for the development of endurance. They became the topic of the new material.

Distinguished the overall and special endurance.

By general endurance is the ability of the body to long-term performance with high efficiency of moderate intensity work. Special endurance is the ability to permanently transfer loads characteristic of a specific type of activity.

Physiological basis for the development of general endurance is the development of aerobic abilities. The production of aerobic energy is influenced by 3 factors:

  • The efficiency of oxygen processing by our lungs;
  • The ability of the heart to pump the right amount of oxygenated blood for a certain period of time;
  • The ability of the cardiovascular system to provide muscle with blood that was enriched with oxygen.

All these factors are interrelated and develop by the same methods – with the help of constant intense repetitions (running, swimming, sports games). Examples of exercises for the development of general endurance include:

Crosses. Where, without this wonderful exercise, give him 15 to 30 minutes during one workout, aimed at improving overall physical fitness. And, you need to run on rough terrain, do short accelerations or use weighting agents.

Jumping rope. At the beginning of training, 2-3 sets of 3 minutes are done, with 30-second breaks between them; at the end of training – 6 approaches. It is important to change the pace of jumping all the time, then speeding up, then slowing down.


jumping rope


Remember the importance of observing the pace of the exercises!

Training and development of anaerobic endurance

Methods for the development of anaerobic endurance are quite diverse, but the most common is circular training. All exercises are performed one after another in a circle, rather than the usual sets.

Typically, the circular training includes power elements, but you can also perform other anaerobic and aerobic exercises, such as running on the spot. Only 4-7 exercises, which must be performed in 3 circles. As a rule, there is little rest between exercises, or there is none at all. Each of the selected exercises is performed with its own weight and at the maximum rate.

Interstitial training is another of the most common options for developing physical endurance.

So, what exercises can be performed for the development of anaerobic endurance:

  • Shuttle run;
  • Jumps from squat up or forward;
  • Push-ups with cotton;
  • Burning and step-ups
  • Pulling up.


develop endurance


Starting work on the development of endurance, it is necessary to adhere to a certain sequence of building exercises. Remember that at the initial stage it is necessary to focus on the development of aerobic capabilities, improving the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, strengthening the musculoskeletal system, i.e. development of general endurance. At the second stage, it is necessary to increase the volume of loads in a mixed aerobic-anaerobic regime. At the third stage, it is necessary to increase the volume of loads due to the use of more intensive exercises.